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this is a goddamn trainwreck

this is a goddamn trainwreck

hmm ok i talked to my dad about the thing and he’s more reasonable about it. He said he doesn’t care if i move out with vincent married or not, what concerns him is having roommates. He says that, as a couple, vincent and i should live alone because we’ll get tired of other people and there will be fights or cheating could happen (nah he wouldn’t and our friend wouldn’t but yeah i get my dad’s concern)

sooo idk. I guess i have to think about it with vincent. my mom is crazy but my dad does have a point. maybe it would be better for vincent and i to just be by ourselves. there’s still plenty of time to think about all this so like. whatever.

and like i kept asking her to explain what in the world was wrong with me moving out and having roommates and she just went “fine leave then but you’re not ever coming back. Go kiss your girlfriend, go have a nice fun threesome, go live it up with your friends and forget your family”


I finally told my mom about me possibly moving out next fall semester and oh my god she’s insane. this woman is insane.

she yelled at me and was like “karen, please. you can’t do whatever you want!!! have some self respect” ????? I told her i do respect myself and that she was being ridiculous and she was like “respect vincent, then. How are you gonna live with another girl??? You guys are a couple” then i explained it was so rent would be lower and she kept INSISTING that i have to MARRY Vincent to move out with him???? And i was like “WHY?? why do i HAVE to get married????” and she said “it’s the rule of the house and of society”

?????? I’m so pissed she started crying and saying i never help her or my dad even though i lent them thousands of dollars and like the second i wanna be happy i can’t do anything jfc

a really cute boy with hella good eyebrows said “hey” and smiled at me as he walked by omg i think i died

I’ve been sooo depressed lately and ive chosen to do stupid things over school stuff and im done with it im gonna register early for the fall and get morning classes again and im gonna get A’s

i went to my advisor today and he made an IEP for me. since im 99% sure im failing physics 2 and calc 2, im gonna retake physics 2 over the summer while i do my research project. summer should kinda be a break from everything and a chance to ease myself back into the right mindset to succeed again. if a miracle happens and i pass physics (super doubt it) i’ll retake calc 2 but yeah with how things are now, im set to retake physics and then do calc 2 again in the fall. my schedules from fall to summer 2015 should be hectic but i gotta get through them to graduate next summer and transfer next fall. I’m gonna do it.

vincent got a raise!!!!!!!!! he makes $13/hour now!!!!!!!!!!! a whole dollar more wow im so proud 


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license